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Unveil a Youthful Neck Contour

Neck Lift

at Engrace Clinics Jaipur

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the jaw line and improves visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck. Neck lift provides a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance by tightening the underlying muscles and removing excess skin and fat.

Neck lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is also known as lower rhytidectomy. It is a cosmetic procedure aimed at rejuvenating the neck and jawline by addressing signs of aging, such as sagging skin, muscle laxity, and excess fat. Through carefully placed incisions, typically hidden behind the ears and under the chin, a skilled surgeon tightens underlying muscles, removes surplus fat, and trims away excess skin. This results in a smoother, firmer, and more youthful appearance. The surgery not only reduces the appearance of jowls and a “turkey neck” but also enhances the overall facial profile. The procedure can be customized to meet individual goals. Recovery time varies, but patients can expect some swelling and bruising initially. The lasting benefits of a neck lift often include increased self-confidence and a revitalized, more youthful look.

Lower Rhytidectomy

Lower Rhytidectomy or Neck lift surgery is performed with precision at Engrace Clinics in Jaipur by our expert surgeon Dr Akhil Agrawal . The process typically begins with a consultation . During the consultation, the surgeon assesses the patient’s neck and facial anatomy, discusses the patient’s goals and expectations, and determines if they are a suitable candidate for a neck-lift. The surgeon will also explain the surgical technique, potential risks, and expected outcomes.

During the lower rhytidectomy procedure, Our skilled surgeons expertly tighten underlying muscles, remove excess fat, and eliminate sagging skin through discreet incisions, resulting in a remarkably rejuvenated appearance. Experience the confidence-boosting effects of a smoother, firmer neck that beautifully complements your overall aesthetic. Trust Engrace Clinics to provide you with personalized care and exceptional results. We help you unveil a more vibrant and confident version of yourself through our neck lift surgery.


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