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Transforming Lives, Embracing Identity:

Gender Change

Some people feel like their body’s gender doesn’t match how they really feel inside. They might want to change their body to match how they truly feel. This is called changing genders through surgery.

Gender Reassignment Surgery

Gender change through gender reassignment surgery is a crucial process that aligns an individual’s physical body with their true gender identity. This transformative journey is often undertaken by transgender and non-binary individuals to find congruence between their inner sense of self and their external appearance. Gender reassignment surgery is also known as gender-affirming surgery, gender-affirmation surgery, sex reassignment surgery or gender confirmation surgery. Top surgery and bottom surgery refer to surgeries on the chest and genitals respectively.

Change the Gender

Need : People change gender because they want to feel more comfortable and happy with themselves. Surgery can help them look like the gender they feel they are inside. The need for change the gender  through reassignment surgery may arise from the profound distress of gender dysphoria, where one’s perceived gender does not match their assigned sex at birth.

Gender Change Surgery

The surgical procedures involved in gender change includes various aspects, such as genital reconstruction, chest surgery and facial feminization or masculinization. The recovery period ranges from a few weeks to several months. Proper aftercare, rest, and follow-up with the doctor are essential to ensure a smooth healing process.

The results of gender reassignment surgery empowers individuals to live authentically, allowing them to fully express their gender identity.

Gender Change in Jaipur

Engrace Clinics Jaipur offers a compassionate and professional environment for individuals embarking on their gender change journey in Jaipur. Contact us to know about the gender reassignment surgery process.


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