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Hair Transplantation Jaipur


FUT and FUE , both are very effective hair transplantation techniques capable of giving coverage and natural looking hair however both these procedures have their advantages and limitation. It is up to the doctor to decide which one of these procedures will better serve the patient and in some cases both these techniques are performed at the same time. Engrace Clinics is one stop solution for hair transplantation Jaipur.


Advantages of getting a follicular unit transplant

  1. The FUT procedure involves the harvest of follicular units, which are naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs and large numbers of follicle units can be transplanted in one session.
  2. In FUE treatment, the greatest number of follicle units which can be transferred is around 2,000 however FUT may involve the transfer of 4,000 follicle units.
  3. It is best suited for patients who need massive hair coverage and only FUT can offer that luxury of getting it done in just one session.


Advantages of getting follicular unit extraction

  1. In FUE one does not have worry about linear scar in donor area i.e. the back of our scalp. If an individual like to keep his hair short on the back there is a possibility the scar might be visible.
  2. Patient has to spend less time recovering since there will be no stitches from the surgery and small holes that are created with FUE will heal in a shorter period.
  3. With FUE patient feels less discomfort post surgery compared to FUT.


But that being said both procedures have their own importance in hair transplant and it has given many patients great results where it becomes virtually impossible for a stranger to detect if they had hair transplant procedure unless you tell them. The recovery time and post-operative care are similar for both techniques, with some minor differences depending on the individual case and surgeon’s recommendations.

Engrace Clinics Jaipur

Experience the life-changing benefits of hair transplantation at Engrace Clinics Jaipur. Our skilled team of hair restoration specialists is committed to helping you regain a fuller, natural-looking head of hair. Using advanced techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), we provide precise and effective hair transplant procedures tailored to your unique needs.  Take the first step towards restoring your confidence and achieving a youthful, vibrant appearance at Engrace Clinics hair transplantation Jaipur. Engrace Clinics Jaipur is the best hair transplant clinic in Jaipur Rajasthan. Feel free to contact us. We, at Engrace Clinics would love to guide you for Hair Transplantation Jaipur for your hair loss problems.


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